What is Smart TV

In This days a lot of devices appeared, developed and some disappeared. If we think about when that really happened we may think it was in seconds.  The PCs now are powerful, smaller, faster and smarter. New Generation of Devices Appeared under a Name "Smart Phones". most of the Current Produced Phones are smart phones. Another devices mixed between PC and Phones Called Tablets. There is a Smart Glasses Watches,Smart Cars, Automatic Flying Drones and There is Smart TV too.
So, what is the Smart TV? and what is the different between the normal Smart TV and the old ones?
Smart TV
Smart TV

Evolution of televisions

At first, television devices evolved from the usual and large format to high-end devices such as computer screens and then called the LCD TV and then appeared less thicker television and changed the name again to become the LED TVs, and then appeared a lot of other possibilities such as the possibility of putting Flash Disk and play movies and music On television and 3D TV showed up. But what was not considered was the new TVs generation which called "smart TVs". What are smart TVs? In other words, what are smart screens?
Samsung Smart TV
Samsung Smart TV

The difference between Smart and Normal TV

The standard television offers what you can receive from satellites via the receiver, as well as the earth stations that are transmitted to you from the transmission networks inside your country and receive them via its aerial. There are some different sizes and types. The modern types allow you to play data such as movies, photos and music from Flash USB or the internet, also helps you if it supports 3D to watch 3D movies .. Some species through external glasses and others are displayed directly three-dimensional. They may be HD or Full HD, some of which now have a quality of 4K, some of which have standard internal HD or even Full HD.

Smart TV can connect to the Internet to make video calls and browse the Internet and even download applications and games directly to enjoy the large screen size and voice clear and pure and even connect to your phone or computer .. The Internet may connect to a cable or normal Wi-Fi and there This is the difference between smart TV and ordinary TV. Smart TV combines almost all the advantages of ordinary television, but adds what we have said. In other words, smart TV is an ordinary television set plus smartphones and computer capabilities. But not all types can be connected to the phone or computer wirelessly .. Only the types that support DLNA. Some types have high-quality or full-HD receivers, and you can save live streams directly due to the availability of internal memory or even external memory or Hard Drives.

You can also connect some additional smart TV tools to give voice commands and to implement it immediately and even sensing the movement easily through special sensors and do not forget that it also comes with a camera for facilitate communication and can be used in many applications available for smart TVs. And of course there is an internal memory that allows the download of games and applications directly. And there is a different operating systems from one Smart TV type to another. Such as Samsung's Android phone and iOS phone.

The Best Smart TV

Currently, there are many types of smart TVs, but the most famous and Used are the Samsung and LG TVs because of the possibilities they offer .. for example at least this both types already included all the features we mentioned today .. So we consider these two types the best species in the market Smart TV 2020.
Best Smart TVs
Best Smart TVs

Smart TV protection

There is an important question. Can Smart TV be hacked?
Of course, any devices in the universe have code or operating systems, programs, applications and games can be hacked so be careful and do not put any external sources to download your applications and games .. Even while browsing the Internet through your smart TV try to first install a good protection program and go far away from Any dangerous and unknown sites.

We hope that we have provided a comprehensive report about smart TVs and for now our best wishes for you.

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